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    Silická ľadnica is a gulf situated in the Silicka Plain in the area of the National Park of the Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras), close to the village of Silica. The gulf has a shape of an oblique open sack with a 32 m big and 12 m high opening. The gulf was created by a breakup of the ceiling which then uncovered a very steep rocky wall 91 m deep.
    The main oblique part of the gulf is in the depth of 45 m divided into 2 parts by a 15 m high waterfall. On the bottom of the ice gulf there is an opening of a 20 m long narrow passage which leads into a huge Archaeological House (80 m long, 25 m wide and 2-10 m high). In that part the Black Creek (Čierny potok) is rising up to the surface. Findings of a settlement from the Later Stone Age (Neolithic period) were found in the House.
    Silická ľadnica was proclaimed a National Natural Reserve with the purpose to protect its historical and natural value. There is an option to visit a secured gallery which is open to public.

    Silická ľadnica - Horná časť priepasti
    Silická ľadnica - Dolná časť priepasti



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